Tiliaceus 黃槿

Theme : Salvation Tree

Creation idea
The stainless steel pot implied restricted realism. The Christianity Cross symbolises salvation. The movement of Hibiscus Tiliaceus falls like a cascade. Branches are full of changes in directions and movement from near dead to being alive again in harsh weather conditions. Despite of that the roots of bonsai are rooted strongly in the ground to weather off any weather conditions. “Heart” shaped leaves grab for sun within limited space in between branches. Color of leaves changes from red to green as they grow. This work implies that humans are causing damage to the mother nature and natural habitat of living organism. Nevertheless, the Mother of Earth is doing salvation to the human living in this world. Red “heart” shaped leaves symbolise lovers, green “heart” leaves represent universe. Viewers will see their mirror image in the stainless steel “Cross” pot. What role do you play in this world of nature?
Bonsai is like a piece of sculpture, it communicates artists’ concept, ideas, thoughts and feelings. Therefore, bonsai is not just limit to imitate trees in the nature.