Ficus Microcarp 榕樹

Theme : Relationship (Karma)

Creation idea
Relationship is interconnected for human kind just like the aerial roots and branches that form parts and parcels of this ficus bonsai. The roots imply relationship is complex and actively changing similar to the belief of Buddhism : cause and effect.
The stainless steel rectangular pot represents this modern mechanical and cold society. Through the reflection of the pot, this work, surrounding and viewers become one body. Different time and space reveal different relationship. This portrays the true essence of Zen Buddhism, namely “Nothingness”.

矩形的不銹鋼,象徵機械、冷漠的現在社會,人與人的關係在這種社會中互動。透過鏡面不銹鋼的反射,作品和觀賞者與環境融為一體,不同的角度與時空有著不同變化,體現禪宗(無念為宗 無相為體 無住為本)的內涵。