Diospyros ferrea 象牙樹盆栽

尺寸 : H 95CMXW 125CM

Theme : Aftermath (from an earthquake)
Creation Idea
Main trunk of this Ivory Bonsai (sci : Diospyros Ferrea) has up and down movement and its wounds are lumpy, bulging, sunken in, etc. which represent the scene of aftermath. The first branch (is also the back branch) moves downward before moving upward that imply human overcoming difficulties and present hope for rebuilding disaster situation. Unwanted branches as in bonsai imply new hope for new life. The crown of bonsai, the branch moves vertically upward to horizontally downward which implies richness and luxury will soon end. The right branch moves outwardly but crossing path with another branch which implies life is chokingly painful and sad.
Making use of taboo branches, expressing uniqueness of species, emphasising in spacing, trunk and branches have movement and dynamism.